About Us

The Learning Enrichment Foundation provides integrated and holistic community responsive initiatives that enable individuals and families to become valued contributors to their community’s social and economic development. We believe that strong communities are places where children are exposed to the possible, parents are connected to opportunities and everyone is empowered to grow.

We have 33 centres, providing a wealth of opportunity for our team to grow and share fresh ideas. Our ability to serve communities and enable people within them is built on our commitment to reinforcing a sense of wonder. We value inclusive play and curiosity in our work and have built an environment of empowerment and mentorship alongside our staff. We facilitate change by encouraging parents to become catalysts themselves, and we have modernized our operations to support all of this with tightly integrated technology.

We are proud of our partnerships with Childlife Solutions (with a focus on supporting early learning environments for children 0 - 4) and Right to Play (with emphasis on the right children have to be engaged in play as well as developing leadership and coaching opportunities for older children) that support our programming methodologies. LEF has also intentionally curated an enduring partnership with Evergreen Brick Works to support educators as they help children develop meaningful relationships with nature and stewardship towards their environment. Leadership roles within LEF arise from this work, as our Nature Play Co-leads share their knowledge with colleagues, children, and families.

LEF works with over 1,900 children everyday from ages 0 – 12 years. Our centres provide unique atmospheres that strive to meet the need of our neighbourhoods. We provide inclusive programs that meet the diverse needs of families and children in the community by implementing a holistic curriculum that support inclusion and diversity.


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